Nebraskon Dating Auctions

Later, I played Rockband with strangers and got a lot of Anime cred beating strangers at DDR. The second night went much like the first; free drinks, late night, and talking to strangers. Sure, there were some people with less than savory odors and some creepy people, but where are there not smelly dudes and weirdos? The majority of them were in costume from various games, movies, and animes. Most people I talked to had been to Nebraskon previously; several regularly attend anime conventions throughout the Midwest.

Those that had been to other conventions described Nebraskon as totally devoted to the fans. Most other conventions seem to be about making money for the parent company and vendors, but Nebraskon is put on by fans, for the fans. I did not expect to enjoy Anime Nebraskon as much as I did. It was probably one of the most fun things I have ever done. It is what you make of it, though.

Roxxo and he does cocaine. So I know what some people might think: That's not cool, I'm never gonna do that". I have never meet a more accepting group of people than I did at the convention. Everyone was very nice, courteous, and the best part is we all had something in common from the moment we stepped foot inside the door. Not to mention the fact that some of the panels were absolutely hilarious. Friday night we went to one called The Organ Trail, yes I do mean Organ and not Oregon, which was a zombie version of The Oregon Trail.

The panel was originally supposed to be a live action game but due to complications it turned into an audience wide team playing the computer game. Great times were had from killing off Snookie, to seeing Derp the zombie be the only other survivor on our great cross country trip. There was also Cosplay Chess, a Dating Auction, a Zelda panel, and even a panel devoted to flaming peoples favorite Anime. And panels weren't the only thing that was going on there either.

That's a big hammer. This was where con-goers, who choose to, could enter in their costumes to compete with other con-goers for fabulous prizes. There were a lot of fantastic costumes in a lot of interesting categories from just costume, swimsuit, skit, stage performance, and even the judges choice. Then on Sunday morning came the AMV contest, which I regretfully did not go to, even though I heard it was hilarious. Nebraskon hosted a plethora of great guests as well, everyone from Keith Silverstein, Starrk in Bleach and Shen in League of Legends also got his autograph , to Chris Sabat, Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, and even Stephanie Young, Nico Robin in One Piece.

An all star cast that was truly unique and hosted a great number of interesting panels, which I regret that I could not go to, oh well, next year.

Dating Auction part 2